SO2-100R-RLY SO2 Scrubber
SO2-100R-RLY SO2 Scrubber


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Product Code: C084.0018

Description Specifications
SO2-100R SO2 Scrubber
The SO2-100R Regenerative Chemical Scrubber is designed to remove gaseous sulfur dioxide from a gas sample stream while allowing TRS compounds to pass through the scrubber material.

The unit is composed of two desiccant chemical scrubber columns, a water reservoir for deionized water, and four three-way solenoid valves.

The unit is controlled by using 24VDC or 120VAC valves. The controls alternate column flow every 15 minutes to purge air and moisture the non-sampling column, thus extending the adsorbent material. The purge air flow is controlled by a 5L/min orifice at 30 psi from a customer supplied compressed source.

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