CEMS Maintenance Services
Glass / Refractory for
Emissions Monitoring & Process Performance

AMP-Cherokee has a long history of emissions monitoring for plate glass plants. We are the sole provider for all emissions monitoring systems and services in three plants for a national producer.

Glass Furnace CEMS - Church Hill, TN
A full featured Dilution Extractive CEMS was installed to monitor process gases, volumetric flow, and opacity at this high output facility.

Glass Furnace Maintenance Plan
- Church Hill, TN
AMP-Cherokee's comprehensive CEMS Management features a full suite of services to ensure maximum uptime and data monitoring for emissions and process performance. Features include:

Daily Data Review
Monthly CEMS Maintenance
Cylinder Gas Management

Quarterly Audits
Annual Audit

Quarterly Recordkeeping & Reporting Services

Emergency Service Provision

DAS Assurance Monitoring Provision

Contact AMP-Cherokee today at 800.399.4236 or at sales@ampcherokee.com to discuss emissions monitoring at your glass plant.