MKS 3020 FTIR Continuous Gas Analyzer

for Emissions Compliance and Process Performance Monitoring

The MultiGas™ 2030 is an FTIR Spectroscopy gas analyzer capable of percent level detection as well as ppb sensitivity for multiple gas species in a variety of applications.

Rentals: Download our MKS FTIR Applications Data form for an FTIR stack testing rental system.
Download our FTIR CEMS Applications Data form for an FTIR monitoring system.

- Simultaneous analysis and display of more than 30 gases

-10-100 ppb sensitivity for many toxic gases without moisture removal,

- Easily transportable from site to site, with set up time in minutes

- Permanent calibrations eliminates the need for costly gas cylinders
Patented, linearized detector response assures all instruments maintain the same calibration
- User-friendly software for simple operation with minimal training

- Integrated gas cell pressure and temperature monitoring

- Automobive, diesel, locomotive, and catalyst exhaust monitoring

- Stack monitoring (environmental compliance), continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)

- Process monitoring, development and optimization

- Ambient air analysis (industrial hygiene)

- Bulk gas purity analysis, such as ammonia analysis

- Contamination in CO2 Sequestration

- SCR - selective catalytic reduction performance monitoring

Systems Training
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On-Site Field Services
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- Factory Warranty Repairs
- 27x7x365 Emergency Response
- Scheduled Maintenance
- Parts and On-site Repairs

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