CEMS Systems CEMS - Direct Extractive: Walk-In Shelter

AMP-Cherokee’s walk-in Direct Extractive CEMS is offered in both a wall-mount and instrument rack design. Our walk-in shelters are available for either general purpose or explosion proof applications. The local 15” color PC touch-screen HMI interface and plug-and-play component functional design sets a new standard for CEMS reliability and ease of operation.

AMP-Cherokee also offers a compact self-contained walk-up shelter (See MiniCEMS ®) for space constrained footprints or budget conscious applications.

AMP-Cherokee is one of just a few CEMS integrators that offers our DAS ProLogix™ Data Acquisition System software . DAS ProLogix is currently the only DAHS on the market which has an integrated PEMS module that can be used as follows:

Quality Check on CEMS
Redundant monitoring to CEMS
Replacement for CEMS in the future (if PS 16 is met)

CEMS - Direct Extractive Flow Diagram

CEMS Standard Features

15” Touch-screen HMI interface in instrument rack
Redundant sample, blowback, and calibration tubing
Primary and secondary particulate filtration
Pre-cooler to maximize gas conditioner efficiency
Flow drawer can handle 3 analyzers and 5 calibration gases
Side maintenance bay for ease of access (instrument rack model)

ProLogix DAHS Standard Features

Allen Bradley PLC System Controller
Redundant SQL databases
Local& Remote Data Logging
Automated Report Generation
Automated Report Distribution via email
Automated System Alerts via email
Report formats in excel, pdf, and html
Integrated PEMS module

Optional Features

Redundant analyzers used for stand-by or back-up applications
Real-time calibration gas pressure/ alarm
Hybrid CEMS utilizing integrated PEMS module
Ability to switch over to PEMS in the future thereby saving up to 60% in operating costs

Parameters Monitored

• NOx • SO2 • CO2 • O2 • CO • THC • TRS • Hg • H2S
• HCl • HF • NH3 • Opacity • Volumetric Flow • Moisture • Particulate

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