AMP-Cherokee Field Services perform a full scope of on-site installation, repair, replacement and daily monitoring services.

AMP-Cherokee Field Support Services

AMP-Cherokee provides full field service support for CEMS systems, software and field maintenance.

Equipment Installation & Certification
As a national field service resource for all our CEMS products, AMP-Cherokee provides scheduled field maintenance and emergency field response. Our seasoned technicians will maintain your systems or troubleshoot problems areas affecting your CEMS performance and uptime

Equipment Repair & Upgrades
AMP-Cherokee Field Services will repair, replace or upgrade your CEMS hardware, sampling system components (sample lines, probes, gas conditioners, etc.) and DAS software.

Monthly & Quarterly Maintenance
AMP-Cherokee can repair or upgrade your CEMS to top working condition with replacement parts from the sampling system to gas analyzers. Add redundancy to your system for maximum uptime.

CGA & RATA Testing
AMP-Cherokee performs these audits to protect your CEMS compliance and performance. We can configure a continuous calibration gas supply program along with these essential tests.

Daily Calibration Monitoring
AMP-Cherokee can provide this valuable service as a front line defense for sites requiring additional protection from system malfunctions. Our technicians will alert you to immediate problems and offer solutions to avoid them.

CEM System Troubleshooting
Our skilled personnel will determine system weaknesses to locate performance problems in your CEMS. Routine part replacement and periodic system upgrades are an economical approach to keeping operating costs within the operating budget.

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