Engine Exhaust Test Cell Technology for Performance and Compliance
As a leader in engine exhaust measurement, IAG has extensive experience in the application of FTIR measurement and analysis technology.
We provide customized solutions for specific engine testing requirements. From tailor-made sampling modules for existing systems, to full development of systems and equipment, we have a long tradition of building engineering solutions in the areas of hardware and software.

versa06 FTIR System
The IAG versa06 can be combined with any IAG sampling module. The options range from a simple heated sample line to extensive multiple extraction systems with pressure regulators, switching units and high temperature extraction lines. All sampling modules are remotely controlled by the measurement device itself and are displayed at the device display panel. Every parameter such as temperature and switching status for the entire system can be configured and operated from a central location.

IAG's versa06 engine exhaust measurement systems use world renown MKS FTIR technology. AMP-Cherokee provides nationwide test cell trials and demos, system commissioning and field support for IAG FTIR systems.

NMS Standalone + Mobile NH3 Analyzers
The IAG NMS analyzing system is a 191 ┬░C heated extractive diode laser ammonia detection system - very compact for use in an engine test cell and for PEMS applications.
Two sample gas inlets, two analogue output instrument, a built-in gas inlet pressure regulator, a heated sample gas filter, an integrated purge function, a span gas connection and any kind of communication option you might eventually like are basic technical features.

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IAG Test Cell Technology

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