EPA Method 30B Probe Assembly - 6 ft
EPA Method 30B Probe Assembly - 6 ft


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6 ft Actual Quad

Product Code: C009.0009

The 6' Quad Sorbent Trap Sampling Probes are ideal for long and short term mercury sampling. Each probe assembly contains three modular units, a probe sheath, heat sleeve, and enclosed sorbent trap cartridges.  The probe sheath is designed for semi-permanent installation in the stack port.  The heated core is a sleeve that surrounds the sorbent trap cartridge and Teflon sample lines to maintain uniform probe heat.  This sleeve is removable for servicing but remains in the probe sheath during trap exchange. The individually heated  sorbent trap cartridges easily detach from the heated core through the rear of the probe and can be replaced in mere moments with a second heated sorbent trap cartridge prepared in advance.  Each probe assembly includes two complete heated dual sorbent trap cartridges to allow for pre-loading of sorbent traps while the other is in use.