Blue M Tube Furnace - Table Top
Blue M Tube Furnace - Table Top


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Base Rental Rate: $ 229
Daily Rental Rate: $ 29
Table Top

Product Code: C012.0001

Description Specifications
All models feature energy efficient Moldatherm® insulation for quick heat-up and cool-down. Microprocessor-based self-tuning PID control provides optimal thermal processes without overshoot.
  • Compact, portable and lightweight design
  • Split-hinge design simplifies loading and unloading
  • Main power on/off switch on control panel
  • Safety switch disconnects power to heating element when furnace is opened
  • Long life type "K" thermocouple
Digital Single Program, Multiple Segment, Programmable Controller
  • Microprocessor-based self-tuning PID control (proportional, integral, derivative) provides optimum thermal process without overshoot
  • Single program with multiple segments for ramp (up and down) and dwell (timed hold) temperature control
  • Adjustable high limit overtemperature protection
  • Simultaneous LED display of actual temperature vs. setpoint
  • May be configured to display temperature in either °C or °F
Optional RS485 Digital Communications Port
  • RS485 Digital communications port available as an option. Allows controller to be connected to a PC for remote monitoring and control of the furnace. Up to 30 units can be connected to one PC