California Analytical 700 HFID
California Analytical 700 HFID


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THC Methane Analyzer

Product Code: C030.0006

Description Specifications
Californai Analytical FID analyzers rely on the Flame Ionization Detection principle to measure the total concentration of hydrocarbons in a gas sample. The gas sample becomes ionized in the flame and the electrostatic field causes the charged particles to migrate, creating a small current that is measured by the amplifier. The current is directly proportional to the amount of hydrocarbon in the sample. The 600 MHFID model measures Total Hydrocarbon and provides a means of differentiating between Methane and non-Methane hydrocarbons.

The Methane/Non-Methane option allows measurement of both methane and non-methane hydrocarbons. A solenoid value diverts the sample through a “cutter” assembly that contains a heated catalyst that removes (cuts) the non-methane hydrocarbons, leaving the methane-only concentration. The removal efficiency is 98 for Ethane and heavier hydrocarbons, with less than a 10% loss of methane. The subtraction of the methane-only number from the total hydrocarbon number provides the concentration of non-methane hydrocarbons in the sample.

• Measures low ppm up to percent levels
• Heated version for maximum stability and “hot/wet” sampling
• Temperature-stabilized detector
• Electronic fl ow control
• Automatic fuel/air shutoff
• Automatic calibration and ranging
• Fast response time
• Output options: voltage, current, RS-232 using AKProtocol and TCP/IP, Modbus
• CE Mark and ETL listed – conform to UL STD 61010-1, Certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 STD 61010.1
• 1065-compliant configurations

CAI FID analyzers can measure THC or CH4 in ppm or percent levels. They are ideal for applications such as:

VOC abatement/scrubber efficiency
Combustion engine testing
EPA Method 25A compliance monitoring
Continuous emission monitoring (CEMs)
Vehicle emissions
Fermentation monitoring
Carbon bed breakthrough detection
Process gas analysis