SHC-100W Heat Controller - 100 Watt
SHC-100W Heat Controller - 100 Watt


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SHC-100W Heat Controller
AMP-Cherokee’s SHC-100W Sample Heat Controller is a wall mount unit for new and existing CEM systems. It’s compact design is convenient for upgrades and/or
replacement of failed units. Robust electrical design provides reliability for long service and accurate operation.

Standard units provide temperature control for a single source. Additional controllers for probe filter heaters or heated probes are available on sample systems with RTD or TC input sensors. Additional displays can be included for stack temperature or other monitoring points, dependingon your sampling design.

Designed for long term performance and reliability, AMP-Cherokee TRS components are available for OEM and replacement applications. For application information and ordering, please contact a Sales Engineer at 800.399.4236 or via email at