CEMS for Manufacturing
Manufacturing Emissions Monitoring
for Compliance & Process Performance

AMP-Cherokee provides Manufacturing process and emissions monitoring for many industries. Our turnkey systems create an emissions monitoring enterprise solution with local and remote communication. We provide turnkey  CEMS/MiniCEMS and PEMS systems, an integrated DAS software, and scheduled or emergency field services for production and combustion sources.

Aviation Boiler CEMS Solution - Everett, WA
Chosen for our technical superiority, AMP-Cherokee designed and installed our MiniCEMS® equipped with ABB/Brand Gaus CL3020 custom analyzers for three natural gas-fired boilers located at an international aviation manufacturing facility. The MiniCEMS systems was configured to measure NOX/O2 emissions and integrated with the DAS for record keeping and to provide daily and quarterly regulatory reports.

CEMS/DAS Solution - Jackson, TN
AMP-Cherokee designed and installed a MiniCEMS® for a natural gas-fired boiler located at a manufacturing facility. The MiniCEMS is configured to measure NOX emissions and provide record keeping and  daily/quarterly regulatory reports.

PEMS / MiniCEMS® Solution - Midway, TN
A Nitric Acid production plant contracted with AMP-Cherokee for a turnkey monitoring solution to provide recordkeeping and regulatory reports for two sources. The DAS was also configured to provide regulatory reporting for several other sources located at the plant to assist in compliance with state air permit requirements.

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