CEMS Systems for Paper Mills Petrochemical Emissions Monitoring
for Compliance & Process Performance

AMP-Cherokee has provided emissions monitoring solutions in the petrochemical industry for many years. We have provided CEMS systems, DAS software, 24/7 field services for various combustion sources - from cracking boilers to flare gas and terminal emissions monitoring and reporting systems.

CEMS DAS Upgrades - Memphis, TN

AMP-Cherokee was selected to install a total of (12) DAS upgrades with HMI interfaces for the installation of third party CEMS hardware. We provided:

· Design, Procurement, and Configuration,

· Installation, Commissioning, and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT),

· Site Acceptance Test (SAT),

· Systems Training

Sulfur Recovery Unit H2S& BTU - Memphis, TN

Flare CEMS - Memphis, TN

AMP-Cherokee was selected to provide DAS software for two Flare CEMS monitoring sulfur combustion emissions. Requirements for the DAS were:

  • Measured pollutant(s) and/or diluent concentrations
  • Measured or calculated velocity/volumetric flow
  • Emission rates in units that can be calculated in real time
  • Digital signal output/input for troubleshooting
  • Pertinent system operating parameters

• Federal regulations under EPA 40 CFR 60, Subpart XX

• Federal regulations under EPA 40 CFR 60, Appendix B and F

• Memphis Shelby County Air Pollution Control Regulations

Scrubber Inlet/Outlet Temporary SO2 CEM S - Memphis, TN

AMP-Cherokee was requested to install a temporary SO2 CEMS system on a an Inlet/Outlet Scrubber for ten months, including monthly maintenance and a RATA test during the rental period.

Boiler NOx CEMS - Memphis, TN

AMP-Cherokee was chosen to install a NOx CEMS system in a 10X14 NEMA 3R enclosure for a cracking boiler. This project included sampling lines and heated probes, as well as cal gases, for a turnkey installation.

Sulfur Recovery Unit H2S& BTU - Memphis, TN

This AMP-Cherokee CEMS is designed to monitor industrial fuel gas utilizing a dual-detector ABB Model PGC2000 gas chromatograph for semi-continuous analysis of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and British Thermal Unit (BTU). A flame photometric detector (FPD) is used for H2S analysis while a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) is used for BTU analysis

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