CEMS Systems CEMS - Dilution Extractive: Walk-In Shelter

AMP-Cherokee’s walk-in Dilution Extractive CEMS is offered in an instrument rack design. Our walk-in shelters are available for either general purpose or Class I Div II explosion proof applications.

AMP-Cherokee also offers a compact self-contained walk-up shelter (See MiniCEMS
®) for space constrained or budget conscious applications. An optional color touch-screen HMI interface sets a new standard for CEMS reliability and ease of operation.

CEMS - Dilution Flow Diagram

CEMS Standard Features
• 15” Touch-screen HMI interface in instrument rack
• Redundant dilution air, vacuum, and calibration tubing
• Dilution drawer can handle 3 analyzers and 5 calibration gases
• Side maintenance bay for ease of access (instrument rack model)

Universal DAS Integration
• Integration of new and existing DAS software
• Local & Remote Data Logging
• Automated Report Generation
• Automated Report Distribution via email
• Automated System Alerts via email
• Report formats in excel, pdf, and html
• Integrated PEMS module

Optional Features
• Redundant analyzers used for stand-by or back-up applications
• Real-time calibration gas pressure/ alarm
• Hybrid CEMS utilizing integrated PEMS module
• Ability to switch over to PEMS in the future thereby saving up to 60% in operating costs

Parameters Monitored
• NOx • SO2 • CO2 • O2 • CO • THC • TRS • Hg • H2S
• HCl • HF • NH3 • Opacity • Volumetric Flow • Moisture • Particulate

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